MSc student projects

The Nutritional Neuroscience Lab does functional MRI research related to food evaluation (sight, taste) and food choice. Motivated students with a background in nutrition, psychology, psychiatry or a related field are welcome to do a literature study or internship depending on background, motivation and availability. Currently available projects are listed below. There might be other projects available at the Division of Human Nutrition and Health of Wageningen University, for these contact Paul Smeets.

Mega-analysis on the relationship between age, gender, BMI and the neural correlates of food viewing
Type: Thesis (preferably 6 months or longer)
When? Currently available.
What? This project is about coordinating and executing a so-called mega-analysis on statistical maps of food viewing fMRI studies that will be uploaded to the Neurovault platform. Briefly, the student is expected to solicit maps and meta-data from eligible contributors and run the analyses. The preregistered research questions are: 1. What is the relationship between age, gender, body mass index (BMI) and brain responses during food compared with non-food viewing? 2. What is the relationship between age, gender, BMI and brain responses during high calorie compared with low calorie food viewing? See

Contact: Paul Smeets


The Nutritional Neuroscience Lab is affiliated with the Image Sciences Institute of the UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands.